Day ONE SNAP Challenge 9/8/2013-Dava Wilson

Sunday Sept 8, 2013

HELLO fellow Challengers!!!

When I meditated over this SNAP challenge, here were my thoughts

1.)    If this were truly the case I would use the resources around me like the food bank, free meals, etc. So why not utilize them during this experience to make it as real as possible?

2.)    I have a family so I must approach this in a way to price out each meal and price my individual portions

3.)    If free items are gifted to me or supplied to me as in tea bags at work, I will utilize them, because that is realistic.

4.)    If I make a LARGE batch of something and have leftovers I do not have to count it more than once.

Here is DAY ONE in a nutshell

I made homemade potato cheese soup

I am approaching this SNAP challenge differently as I must cook for my family…

Potato Soup Breakdown

Potatoes $4 bag of 35= .11 per potato x 6-.66

Onions- Do not count Condiment/Spice

Dill-Spices do not count

Chicken Broth=Free from Food bank

Half and Half $1.68 for 3c I uses 1 ½ c=.84

Shredded Cheese $2.18 for 2 cups I used 1 cup= $1.09

Flour ¼ c does not count Spice and Condiment

Bacon Bits 1/3 c leftovers =.35

Turkey Ham $4.53 for entire pound I used 3 oz or 1 slice cubed=.85

Total for a Crockpot of Potato soup=$3.79

I estimate it made 6 quarts or 24 cups =$3.79/24cups=.16 per cup x 4= .63

I ate it twice yesterday in a 2 c bowl or 4 c total=.63 of food consumed

And have leftovers for Monday’s lunch so I do not have to recount it.

AND…I have $3.59 left over!!!


One thought on “Day ONE SNAP Challenge 9/8/2013-Dava Wilson

  1. I, on the other hand, am only feeding one person and am not accepting free food from any source. How I envy Dava and her soup!

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