Sept 9, 2013


DAY TWO of the SNAP Challenge

Drank a cup of tea at work, from the community cabinet-FREE

Went to the Food Bank this morning as well


I ate overnight oatmeal

¼ c oatmeal-from food bank

¾ c  (2 oz) yogurt from a 32oz container that cost $2.48=.16

Frozen raspberries from my yard=FREE

1 tsp of Chia seeds= spice Does not Count

2 sausage patties from a bag of 32 each patty represents an ounce=.37

2 slices of bread of a loaf of 24 slices costing $1.98= .17

Total Breakfast Cost=$0.70



Leftover Potato Soup-Does not count again

2 slices of bread= .17

4 slices of ham of a 16 oz package =.99

Mustard does not count

Apple from neighbor FREE

Total Lunch Cost= $1.16





Chicken Enchiladas

3 cans of chicken $5.82;

Cilantro=.44 for whole bunch I will use ¼ so=.11

Onion=Free from food bank

Flour Tortillas 10 total of a 30 count package $4.58=$1.53

Enchilada Sauce $1.75

Cheese Soup 2 cans $2.50

Shredded Cheese ½ bag $1.09

Rice-Free from Food Bank

Total Dinner Cost= $ 1.28 per serving I ate one serving

Total Cost Today= DAY TWO I have $2.94 left over plus the $3.59 from DAY ONE!!!



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