Day Three of SNAP Challenge- A Day of Remembrance

Today is 9/11, and although this challenge is an eye opener for many and important for communication of hunger issues in America, it is also important to take a moment and remember those who fell victim to the terrible events of 9/11/01.In a sense all of us were victims that day, whether we were biological family or friends of those fallen or not we were all one family that day. In a strange way our pain as a nation was beautiful, because for a short moment in time there was no color, religious affiliation, or class ism, we all were the same, all in mourning, as one. So today on the anniversary of that tragic event please take a moment of silence and remember those lost.

Here is what I ate yesterday….
September 10, 2013
DAY THREE of SNAP Challenge $6.53 carried over

Overnight oatmeal (recipe on day two) $0.70
Coffee $2.50 My splurge!

Mid-Morning Snack
Instant Oatmeal (4 packages) $1.72 for box of 10=$0.69
Apple Free from Neighbor

2 ham sandwiches =$2.32
Apple Free from Neighbor

Pancakes and Sausage
Bisquick $3.28 for entire box of 40oz I used 1 cup (8 oz)=$0.66
2 turkey sausage patties $0.37

Apple Free From Neighbor
Total Cost Today $7.24 (6.53 + 4.22=10.75-7.24=$3.51 left over!)


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