Day Four of Snap Challege

I wasn’t feeling all that well 9/11/13, but I stuck to my guns and kept the challenge going forcing myself to eat what I could. So here’s the skinny of what I ate today!

DAY FOUR of SNAP CHALLENGE ($3.51 carryover)



Overnight oatmeal (recipe on day two) $0.70

Coffee  $2.50


Apple Free from Neighbor



Ground Turkey=$4.48

Spaghetti Sauce=$1.50

Penne Pasta=$1.28 x 2=$2.56


Garlic bread=$1.50

Total Meal=$11.52 /3=$3.84 per person


Total for the day=$7.04 ($4.22 + $3.51=$7.73-$7.04=$0.69 left over!)

 There it is! Happy Challenging!


One thought on “Day Four of Snap Challege

  1. Rachel

    Can not follow instructions on my machine but wanted you to know I will look forward to your posts. You are doing good work by helping others with your knowledge and kind heart. I hope you are also having some fun.

    Love you. Grandma Marilyn Sent from my iPad

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